Here you will find introductory answers to frequently asked questions about EVC. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at (805) 788-2012 or send an email to info@sloevc.org.


Who is EVC?

Economic Vitality Corporation (EVC) is a non-profit economic development organization that provides business resources to help start and expand businesses throughout San Luis Obispo County.  EVC stimulates the local economy by helping to generate jobs, increase investment in the community and promote the start-up, growth and attraction of businesses.


What does EVC do?

EVC continues to create success stories in the business community by:

1.    Stimulating the local economy by assisting companies start, expand, and stay in the County, as well as attracting other businesses to the County.
2. Fostering job creation.
3. Increasing financial investment in the business community.
4. Diversifying the local economy by fostering appropriate industry sectors.

How does EVC help businesses or people who want to start a business?

By offering the following resources:

  • Business advocacy
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Access to business counseling
  • Networking
  • Services of the Venture Capital & Angel Investor Network
How does EVC help diversify and stimulate the local economy?

By helping businesses start and expand, as well as retaining and attracting businesses to the County. This creates more jobs, economic stimulus, a larger talent pool, and greater diversity of business sectors.

Which organizations invest in EVC?

The County of San Luis Obispo, all seven incorporated cities, as well as private companies and individuals. You may also review our list of current sponsors here.

Does EVC help large and medium size companies, also?

Yes.  EVC helps companies of all sizes and from all industry sectors.

Does EVC also help people and/or companies in unincorporated areas of the County?

Yes.  EVC helps companies and individuals throughout the County.

What has been the result of EVC's efforts since its inception

To date, EVC’s programs and resources have yielded these results:

  • Directly created and saved over 400 jobs.
  • Created greater countywide payroll volume, resulting in a better tax base.
  • Leveraged approximately $8.13 Million in bank loans, and guaranteed $2.06 million in loans.
  • Strengthened and diversified the local economy by helping businesses start and expand, while attracting compatible businesses to this County.
How can I contact EVC?

You can contact us by phone at (805) 788-2012 or by emailing info@sloevc.org. You can also visit our staff page to contact a specific staff member.

How can I support EVC?

Economic Vitality Corporation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, accepts donations of any size from individuals, trusts, private and public corporations and public sector entities. Sponsorship levels publicly recognize contributors at $500 and above, for those who wish to have their donation made public. Thank you for considering a donation or sponsorship of EVC.