Economic Vitality Corporation launches economic strategy project for Diablo Canyon Power Plant closure.


August 6, 2018
Loreli Cappel
Senior Project Director
(805) 788-7015


Economic Vitality Corporation launches economic

strategy project for Diablo Canyon Power Plant closure


SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. – In partnership with local stakeholders, the Economic Vitality Corporation of San Luis Obispo County (EVC) has officially launched an economic strategy project to prepare for resulting shifts in the region’s economy from the Diablo Canyon Power Plant2025 closure.


Designed as a collaborative effort among the county’s business community and local governments, this two-year, two-phase project will deliver a financial analysis of the actual impacts caused by the closure. The project will also, through broad outreach and input, result in an action-driven, dynamic plan that leads to a sustainable economic future for greater San Luis Obispo.


Earlier this year, the EVC worked together with local leaders from education, business, chambers of commerce, and government, to identify an expert consulting firm for the project. Thehired firm, ViTAL Economy Alliance, specializes in both economic planning for nuclear power plant closures and economic diversification from the loss of a major employer.


“The EVC is honored to lead this project as a partnership among regional stakeholders who will address the profound impact of the Diablo Canyon closure. Project outcomes will help to create more economic resilience by providing greater opportunities for local businesses and residents,” says Michael Manchak, EVC President and CEO.  Chief Administrative Officer of Arroyo Grande Community Hospital and EVC Board Chair Ken Dalebout states, “The EVC Board of Directors and our many sponsors are excited about this opportunity to embrace the EVC’s ability to convene stakeholders on important projects that impact our economy.” 


For more information about the project and project status, contact Loreli Cappel at or visit Anyone interested in learning more about project-related sponsorship opportunities may contact Michael Manchak at (805) 788-2013 or



Since 1994, the Economic Vitality Corporation (EVC) has served San Luis Obispo County as a non-profit economic development organization committed to stimulating the region’s economic vitality by fostering the attraction, start-up, and growth of businesses; helping to create jobs; and increasing investment in the community.

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