Economic Vitality Corporation assists Canada-based Technology company move to Atascadero, California


April 23, 2019
Loreli Cappel
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  Economic Vitality Corporation assists Canada-based

Technology company move to Atascadero, California


SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA – April 23, 2019 –ADVANCED OZONE INTEGRATION, INC., a Canada-based technology company specializing in cost effective sanitation solutions in the food industry announces plans to open its main office in Atascadero, California. The Economic Vitality Corporation of San Luis Obispo County (EVC) connected the business to capital, a central office location and to business leaders in the community making Atascadero the ideal location for this new business.
“Our company is very excited to be locating in Atascadero after evaluating locations throughout North America,” said Matt Lowe Director of Business Development and company co-founder.  “We will engineer and distribute our state-of-the-art ozone technologies to the food industry for non-toxic methods of combatting life-threatening bacteria and improving food quality, a global opportunity. The EVC has been instrumental in helping us on many levels call Atascadero home, including helping us find capital. We look forward to creating a positive impact in the local economy.”
“After many months of working closely with Lowe and his partners at ADVANCED OZONE the EVC is excited to announce San Luis Obispo County is the ideal location for their main office,” said EVC President Michael Manchak. “Atascadero’s central location, balanced by quality of life and proximity to the State’s food industry, makes this strategic location perfect for their growing industry.”
“Atascadero is a great place to live as it is to do business,” said Rachelle Rickard, Atascadero City Manager. “Our balanced housing inventory, great schools and high quality of life have all of the ingredients to diversify our local economy. More restaurants and exciting new retail developments are making Atascadero an attractive place to work and live.”
This announcement comes at an important time when the region needs more jobs to replace the upcoming loss of 1,500 jobs and economic impacts caused by the closure of Diablo Canyon Power Plant in 2025.
“Our City makes it a priority to encourage and be helpful to business. This announcement represents a collaboration between the EVC and our City to help diversify our economy and create job opportunities for our current and future generations,” said Atascadero Mayor, Heather Moreno. “Working with our businesses, the City’s exciting new developments make Atascadero an enviable place to locate.”
Advanced Ozone Integration website is:
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