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San Luis Obispo County offers the best of all worlds for business and pleasure.
  • Moderate coastal climate year round
  • Equidistant from Los Angeles and San Francisco
  • Mountains, Beaches…and everything in between
  • Businesses and people who are here, tend to stay here
  • Large, educated talent pool that is loyal to businesses and the region
  • And all of this provides a great quality of life!
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What others are saying...
Thriving Industries in SLO County
  • Everything from High-Tech to Light Assembly
  • Information Technology
  • Aerospace, Precision Manufacturing
  • Green Building, Solar Energy
  • and much more
Local higher education partners with business
  • University interns, graduate students and faculty resources
  • Research and intern programs for industry
  • Cal Poly's Learn by Doing philosophy
  • Cuesta College Entrepreneurship program
High quality and abundant health care
  • World-class health care
  • Wellness emphasis, health-education programs
  • High percentage of beds to population
Extensive business resources
  • Beneficial business to business cooperation and support groups
  • Low unemployment
  • High degree of employee company loyalty
A commitment to green energy and lifestyle
  • Home to one of the nation’s largest solar energy companies
  • Initiatives for using wind, wave and tidal energy
  • Local commitment to sustainable development


Come to San Luis Obispo County to Work, Play and Live!

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