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We Need Your Help To Get More Airline Service

The airlines are asking if you want non-stop flights to Seattle/Portland

Airports are incredible economic engines. They connect communities and their businesses to the world. They provide jobs. They don’t operate on local taxpayer money. They bring in tourists. They can literally make or break a community, but they can’t do it without local support.


Since 2008, the EVC and the Airport have worked closely to regain over ninety percent of the service that was lost in 2008 when two airlines stopped serving the airport. Since then, the EVC and the Airport collaborated and obtained a federal grant in the amount of $500,000. These organizations also commissioned a market analysis of traveler preferences and opportunities for more flights. The analysis demonstrated that 48% of air travelers in the county use other airports. We believe air service is vital and must be improved.

Critical Opportunity

Until recently, the economy and industry factors prevented our airport from gaining service, despite our continued meetings with the airlines. Our airport is performing well and we currently have a potential opportunity to add non‐stop flights between San Luis Obispo and Seattle or Portland, Washington.
San Luis Obispo Airport (SBP) is doing much better than most regional airports, but airlines operate on a "use it or lose it" mindset. Communities need to use their local airports, or their connectivity to the world will disappear.
Airlines are restructuring their fleets, replacing smaller regional jets with larger, more efficient ones.
  • This is a welcome change, especially for communities like San Luis Obispo
  • Regional jets mean airlines can reduce frequency but still keep the number of seats in the market - more economical for airlines.
  • However, smaller markets aren't always good fits for larger jets and as a result, we're seeing small communities across the country (and California) lose their only air service.

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