Building, Design & Construction



The Building, Design and Construction (BD&C) Cluster is committed to cultivating a strong economy through a stable and sustainable balance of employment and economic growth, in order to foster a dynamic sense of place for San Luis Obispo County. The county relies on the expertise of cluster members in setting priorities and establishing comprehensive policies for projects such as infrastructure and workforce housing.


To promote a sustainable economy while supporting natural resources and our community culture.



  • Create head of household jobs complemented by suitable housing
  • Support community design and construction driven by consumer choice and aligned with federal and state codes
  • Convene public and private sectors to find creative solutions to community-wide challenges in areas of housing and infrastructure


CHAIR: Leonard Grant, Principal, RRM Design Group
VICE-CHAIR: Brad Brechwald, Chief Executive Officer, Wallace Group


The BD&C Cluster partners with county entities to promote locally planned policies that encourage innovative design and export our expertise to the global community. BD&C Cluster members are particularly committed to finding solutions to the long-standing problem of workforce housing with full consideration and inclusion of San Luis Obispo’s unique culture. The cluster aims to ensure that policies lead to a healthy economy.


If you would like to get involved or added to our monthly agenda, please contact the EVC at (805) 788-2012 or