The Energy Cluster is committed to helping San Luis Obispo County be an innovative community that supports the County’s history of energy production while marrying that need with renewable energy growth. These efforts are supported through evaluating new technologies, innovative generation projects and policies that contribute to a comprehensive portfolio of reliable, affordable and clean energy sources. The Cluster supports reliable, sustainable and cost-effective energy resources and the infrastructure to deliver them.


Continue to position San Luis Obispo County as desired location for the development and construction of renewable energy generation by implementing a diverse portfolio of key initiatives that fosters growth and development.


  • Stimulate economic opportunities for residential, commercial, government, and educational institutions throughout the county through renewable energy production
  • Facilitate opportunities to integrate emerging energy technologies
  • Leverage all energy resources available in the county
  • Create immediate opportunities for reducing carbon emissions
  • Launch San Luis Obispo County into international recognition for its continued leadership in visionary energy initiatives


CHAIR: Brian Ghiglia, REC Solar


The Energy Cluster is involved in local conversations and projects that retain the County’s existing energy resources and respond to Governor Brown’s mandate that 50% of universal scale energy production be from renewable sources by 2030. The California Valley Solar Ranch and Topaz Solar Farms, both located in San Luis Obispo County, are examples of the types of projects the Energy Cluster has supported that contribute to meet the renewables mandate.