Health Services



In a vibrant community, with a high quality of life, health care plays a vital role by serving its residents and the impact on its economy. The EVC’s six industry clusters includes Health Services which represents a group of leaders from all sectors such as hospitals, physicians, wellness, medical device, biotechnology, information technology and more.

As a complex and multi-disciplinary industry in San Luis Obispo County, it plays two important roles: providing health care in this relatively remote region (far from large metro teaching hospitals), as well the economic impact that it has on our local economy which needs more diverse, high-wage jobs.

The Cluster aims to assess the opportunities and challenges of the local industry, and provide input and suggestions for this diverse industry that is an important part of our economy and community.



To establish San Luis Obispo County as a place for wellness and to suggest ways to help minimize the need to travel outside of the area for health care services. It also seeks to foster a vital economy by ancillary sectors such as life sciences and medical device companies.



CLUSTER CHAIR: Ron Yukelson, Chief Operations & Strategy Office, Wilshire Health & Community Services, Inc.  
To learn more about participating in this cluster, please contact the EVC at