Workforce Housing

In San Luis Obispo County, finding affordable housing is a long-standing challenge faced by those with low, moderate and even above-moderate income levels. Led by industry leaders of all six business clusters, the Workforce Housing Initiative is designed to foster collaboration between the public and private sector to drive housing solutions in our county.
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Infrastructure planning, financing, and prioritization are all challenging issues that the region of of San Luis Obispo County faces similar to other counties in California. Led by members of the Building, Design and Construction Cluster, the Infrastructure Subcommittee is designed to address the challenges by providing a venue for collaboration on government policies.
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As part of this initiative, the Broadband Consortium assesses broadband assets and opportunities, educates policymakers on the benefits of forward-thinking policies, and provides support to expedite major, cost-effective, and strategic broadband infrastructure projects.
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Air Service

The EVC collaborates with the county, the airport and key business leaders from clusters such as Knowledge and Innovation and Uniquely SLO to attract additional service options.
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Economic Strategy