Knowledge & Innovation



San Luis Obispo County is uniquely positioned to grow its technology ecosystem by capitalizing on its infrastructure and entrepreneurial spirit, while providing benefits to the region through the creation of jobs.
The Knowledge and Innovation Cluster members seek to integrate world-class talent into the community by increasing connectivity among local industries and employees through job fairs and job placement programs. The cluster members are also fostering greater access and speed of local internet connectivity by leveraging our fiber-optic infrastructure to enhance our economic competitiveness.


To foster a thriving, technological community by offering a superior set of resources to plant, grow and sustain businesses with a competitive advantage and achieve recognition for the county as a cradle of innovation.



  • Explore cluster cross-collaborations to cultivate partnerships, connections and technological improvements
  • Enhance fiber-optic broadband connectivity infrastructure in partnership with the Broadband Consortium of the Pacific Coast Broadband (BCPC) and others
  • Collaborate with Cal Poly State University and Cuesta College to support workforce development and augment the region’s startup culture
  • Host job fairs for local companies and expand industry networking


CHAIR: Ron Freeman, WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc.


In collaboration with the Broadband Consortium of the Pacific Coast, cluster members help facilitate assessments of broadband assets and opportunities, and support public policies to help improve the speeds and access to internet connectivity. The cluster also coordinates local employers’ job fairs as a means to hiring top talent and fostering a startup ecosystem for the region.