Advanced Manufacturing



The Advanced Manufacturing Cluster of San Luis Obispo County is characterized by having proprietary technologies and product lines that make it resilient to the larger trends of the nationwide and worldwide manufacturing industry. The industry is unique in its capacity to support knowledge exchange without creating competition among associates. This opens doors for strategic partnerships, collaborative problem solving, and peer-to-peer opportunities.
The Advanced Manufacturing Cluster is a driving force for knowledge exchange events and community awareness of what role the industry plays in the San Luis Obispo County economy.


To leverage the strength and quality of the cluster to grow business, collaborate on projects, share and develop knowledge, and make a positive impact on the region.


  • Sponsor network forums for members and partners of the advanced manufacturing industry
  • Accelerate permitting for new facilities and facilities modifications
  • Strengthen relationships with local schools and increase awareness of San Luis Obispo County advanced manufacturing job opportunities
  • Educate the broader community about the economic value of advanced manufacturing in San Luis Obispo County


The Advanced Manufacturing Cluster is committed to facilitating collaboration among local companies in order to promote best practices for a thriving market. Because specialized manufacturing is one of the largest growing sectors in the county, cluster members aim to ensure that industry has an opportunity to expand as needed to accommodate demand. Advanced Manufacturing Cluster members educate the community about how the industry impacts the economy of San Luis Obispo County.