Launched April 2020

Introducing the Employer-Talent Connection website, designed to connect employers and talent, highlight San Luis Obispo County’s local businesses and quality of life.



In 2019, one of the six EVC Industry Clusters helped commission a resource to attract and retain talent, and help companies grow. 

Since many people are not aware of the breadth of companies in our region, the EVC developed this online resource to help retain talent (employees), and to attract talent from both inside and outside of the central coast, . Also, this online resource will help elevate our region’s profile and demonstrate a critical mass of local companies by industry sector. 



  • Helps retain and attract talent in and to the region
  • Information about why SLO County is a great place to live and work
  • Resources available to talent and employers
  • Testimonies from those who’ve moved here for work, or who have started businesses
  • Maps local companies and government organizations and links to career pages ( “WORK” tab)